“Banksy Does New York” In New HBO Documentary

October 17, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Banksy is in another documentary, but this time he didn’t make it himself. The Oscar-nominated artist is the subject of HBO’s Banksy Does New York.

The film is part of Doc NYC fest and will chronicle Banksy’s month-long New York residency last year, when the most celebrated vandal in the world had journalists (and fans) hunting down a different piece on the streets. Each day he would post a clue to the locations on his Instagram.

Bloomberg denounced him, shop-owners started seeing dollar signs, and one lucky charity received a big ass donation.

ANIMAL chronicled the whole affair and the film will include some of our footage. You can see the premiere at the SVA theater on Nov. 14th before its HBO broadcast on November 17th. Hopefully we’ll be spared any “Mr. Brainwash” appearances. (Photo: Aymann Ismail/ANIMAL New York)