Paul McCarthy Punched For Giant Inflatable Butt Plug In Paris

October 17, 2014 | Marina Galperina

Renowned artist Paul McCarthy has just installed a green, 24-foot tall inflatable butt plug in Paris’s Place Vendôme.

Apparently, some Frenchpeople aren’t embracing the butt plug in their historic square. A group protested, but they were just a small, anti-gay hate club. But then…

McCarthy began installing the sculpture at 11:30 am, according to the paper. At approximately two in the afternoon while the artist was surveying the completed work, an unknown assailant accosted McCarthy, allegedly screaming that his sculpture did not belong on the Place Vendôme before hitting him in the face at least three times. He was apparently additionally upset by the fact that McCarthy is not French.

Paul McCarthy is a hilarious artist who has previously installed a giant pile of inflatable poop, a different giant butt plug and a giant gnome holding two butt plugs. Here’s a sculpture he did with two robo-George W Bushes fucking some pigs.

This latest inflatable sculpture is called Tree. It’s not a tree. It’s a giant butt plug. Like Michael Craig Martin’s An Oak Tree is not a tree. It’s a glass of water. I love art.  (Photo: @HauserWirth)