I ♥ NY? City’s New Ad Campaign Wants You To Prove It

October 20, 2014 | Rhett Jones

One New York City agency is attempting to use advertising space in the transit system to increase charitable volunteering. A torrent of 1000 ads encouraging citizens to use their free time to help out will appear in the subway today.

NYC Service, has set the ambitious goal of increasing the number of New Yorkers who volunteer from 18% to 50%, a huge leap.

Design firm, Sid Lee, has put together a series of fancy graphics that attempt to appeal to New Yorkers’ Ayn Rand-ian selfishness by emphasizing the personal benefits of volunteering. “Volunteer. It’s ego-friendly,” reads one of the slogans, while another targets retired seniors by emphasizing the health benefits of remaining active.

The city hopes to increase mentoring for high school and middle school students in particular and is encouraging riders to visit their website in order to be matched with an appropriate non-profit.
(Images: NYC Service)