President of France Fully Supports Artist Paul McCarthy’s Butt Plug

October 21, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Francoise Hollande, the President of France, has officially weighed in on butt plugs as art. He is in favor of butt plugs.

After the legendary artist Paul McCarthy was attacked in Paris late last week, organizers agreed to take down his 80-foot sculpture of a green butt plug. Bearing the title Tree, the sculpture drew angry criticism from a bunch of homophobic idiots, many of whom tried to forcibly deflate the sculpture. After consultations with the artist it was removed.

Now President Hollande wants it to be known that art is an intrinsic part of French culture and the people of France should not be intimidated to display any sincere work of art. His statement is quoted below. The words artist, work and piece have been changed to [butt plug(s)] for the sake of clarity:

“France will always be on the side of the [butt plug], just as I am on the side of Paul McCarthy, whose [butt plug] was sullied, no matter what one’s opinion of the [butt plug] may have been. We must always respect the [butt plug] of artists … France is always ready to welcome [butt plugs] and creatives coming from every country in the world.”