NYPD: Nearly Three Dozen People Hit By Bikes In Central Park

October 22, 2014 | Bucky Turco

At a community board meeting on Monday, an NYPD officer told residents that 35 pedestrians have been hit by bikes in Central Park this year, reports DNAinfo. That averages to about 3.5 collisions per month. Deputy Inspector Jessica Corey explained that of those accidents, two people died and three were left with fractured skulls.

Corey notified residents that these accidents happened at all times of the day, but didn’t go into details about the injuries or who was at fault. Still, her point was clear: Pedestrians are getting hit way too much and it’s because of cyclists, no matter what. “We’ve issued more than 800 summonses [to cyclists] for the year,” said Corey.

Can you imagine how safe the streets would be for pedestrians if the NYPD used the same zeal to go after motorists like they do cyslists? Nah, me neither.

(Photo: InSapphoWeTrust)