Taylor Swift, Noise Artist, Releases Eight Seconds Of Static, Hits #1 in Canada

October 22, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Is Taylor Swift turning in her cowboy boots to become a noise artist? Yesterday, Swift released her new single, Track 3 (dig that minimalism). It’s 8 seconds of static. The very James Franco-style, avante-garde move went straight to number 1 on Canada’s iTunes chart, and a million Canadian teenagers saw through the facade of pop, discovering a whole world of what music can be.

There’s no official word on what really happened. Sources tell Mediaite that there was a screw-up and the outro for a different song was released as the single. The National Post just chalks it up to an iTunes glitch. We prefer to think she started dating Merzbow and this is her way of “growing as an artist”.
(Photo: Wikimedia)