DISCOVERY: Comet Smells Like Rotten Eggs And Cat Piss

October 24, 2014 | Rhett Jones

A remarkable discovery by some of the top scientists in the world has revealed that comets are basically God’s farts. Or at least, that’s what they smell like.

The European Space Agency’s Rosetta Probe is tasked with doing the space-sniffing. After coming up on the rear of the comet known as 67P, Rosetta reported that it sensed a mixture of rotten eggs, a whiff of cat pee and just a hint of bitter almonds.

The scientists have been waiting for ten years to confirm the rancid smell and were elated that the sensors were able to register it early. The molecules that produce the odor are contained in frozen water and carbon dioxide, so it was believed the comet would need to be closer to the sun before they could be cataloged.

Why are scientists smelling comets? Because comets have been flying around since the early days of the solar system and by comparing them with already known ice balls, they hope to learn about the origins of the molecules that started life on earth. If we find out that the moon smells like cheese, we will have all the data needed. (Photo: Wikipedia)