Watch Subway Performers Use Wi-Fi To Create A City-Wide Orchestra

October 24, 2014 | Prachi Gupta

What if you could transform a single subway performance into a city-wide orchestra? That’s what producer Anita Anthonj and director Chris Shimojima succeeded in doing in their short film Signal Strength (embedded above), which used Wi-Fi to connect performers across nine different stops in New York City.

On a sunny September morning, 11 performers were set up with smartphones, using the city’s Wi-Fi to stream through to laptops facing composer Ljova in Bryant Park. Ljova, who wrote an original composition for the event, then conducted the makeshift band through the laptops. The diverse group of performers included a cellist, beatboxer, djembe and shekere players, a thereminist, and others (see the full list here).

The result is an impressive showcase of New York’s diversity, talent, and creativity. Let’s see the NYPD try to shut that down(Photo: Chris Shimojima’s YouTube Channel)