Weekend Link-Up

October 25, 2014 | Bucky Turco


New York City’s Ebola skills are way more on point than Dallas’. Brooklyn church prays for Ebola… patient.

Kids who live in public housing can check out the Museum of Natural History for free. Check out the flying dinosaurs exhibit.

The so-called “Ground Zero mosque” is by far the New York Post’s favorite subject.

ZOMG, dogs in Halloween costumes. Dogs in Halloween costumes, ZOMG.

Don’t get drunk and point a laser at a police helicopter in the UK, it can’t end well.

A 22-year-old Bronx woman who was arrested for possessing and selling weed died of a seizure while in police custody.

Cue Jaws music: underwater drones.

Bike share for poor people ain’t looking good.

Buzz Aldrin thinks a longterm trip to Mars is a good thing.

There’s a World Series going on.


New Yorkers are nervous about Ebola. No, they’re not. If they are, officials are trying to “soothe fears” and scrub the locations the sick doctor visited, like The Gutter, which has been declared “Ebola” free. Meanwhile, the NYPD is doing a terrible job and the Dallas nurse who was infected with Ebola and cured by doctors, thanks God. Theologically speaking, isn’t God the one who gave it to her?

NYPD declares attack on rookie cops by man with a hatchet as an act of terrorism.

Light bombing with the urban exploring LTV Squad, whose Facebook was just shut down because Facebook is evil.

The Bat Cave as an opera house?

Cool pen drawing of Midtown Manhattan from 1982.

According to the New York Post, there could be treasure hidden beneath the Statue of Liberty, but it “may be protected by ghosts.” In other Lady Liberty-related news, there’s a 20-foot Lego version of her in Madison Square Park.

Pigeon escapes hawk murder attempt, but may have lost its foot.

Thursday report: “Run-Down 191st Street Tunnel Gets New Lighting.” Friday report: “2 Men Beaten and Robbed in 191st Street Tunnel After Lights Added.”

World’s lamest doctor says weed devastated his life. Dude, you’re a doctor!

The Rock looks like a pebble standing next to the world’s tallest man.

A long time ago, sheep grazed in Prospect Park, the “fire escape was, in reality, an extension of a small tenement apartment,” painters posed on the Brooklyn Bridge, Times Square was still known as Longacre Square, and the Oak Room was cool.

(Photo: LTV Squad)