Company 3D-Prints Metal Gun, Has Fired 5000 Rounds Without Issues

October 27, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Solid Concepts has successfully 3D-printed their second all-metal handgun. This one is dubbed Reason and is a much more stylized version of the company’s first metal gun, the 1911. It also specifically targets customers with libertarian/gun-freedom political leanings by printing the preamble to the Declaration of the Independence right on the handle.

The first metal handgun printed by Solid Concepts has officially fired 5000 rounds without a malfunction. Most plastic 3D-printed guns only make it through firing a few rounds before either breaking or requiring repairs.

The company seems to see this as a historically important artifact, is issuing a limited-run of 100 at the hefty price-tag of $11,900 a piece.

Of course, once everyone starts printing their own metal guns and anarchy ensues, the lucky collectors of the original Reason will need an an even BIGGER gun to protect its expensive 3D-printed gun from thieves.