Taylor Swift Now Represents New York To The World

October 27, 2014 | Prachi Gupta

Presumably, the City that Never Sleeps doesn’t require any introduction, but in case it does, New Yorkers now have Taylor Swift to represent them. She announced on Good Morning America that she’s been tapped as New York’s Global Welcome Ambassador for tourism. Keep in mind that Swift moved to New York in March, her only other connection to New York thus far is a song called “Welcome to New York,” and she’s just now rebranding from a country singer to a pop star with her new album 1989 (out today). In other words, Swift is about truly New York as Rachel’s massive apartment from 90s sitcom Friends.

But the world doesn’t want real, gritty New York — they want a hip, attractive New York. In a video released by NYC & Company, Swift admitted that she, like every other young millennial transplant, is inspired by the city’s bright lights and constant energy. “What brought me to New York is still a bit of a mystery to me,” Swift non-explained.

In other words, today is the day that Swift becomes New York’s unofficial Gentrification Ambassador. Here, make Swift a bit more palatable with David Rees’s Swift/Aphex Twin mash-up album.

(Photo: Ronald Woan)