Police Union Slams Cops For Helping Eric Garner’s Mother Change Headlight

October 28, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Patrick Lynch, head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, condemned officers who helped Eric Garner’s mother change a headlight yesterday. After Gwen Carr received a traffic ticket over the expired light in question, an NYPD officer showed up to her house to fix it. Carr is the mother of the man whom the NYPD used a homicidal and illegal chokehold on and she is currently suing the city for $75 million.

In order to protect his reputation of being a terrible person, Lynch gave a statement yesterday demanding that internal affairs open an investigation into the matter. As head of the PBA, Lynch always manages to crawl out his lair and publicly support the wrong side of any issue involving the NYPD. Cops fixed tickets? They’re obviously being unfairly targeted. Cops choke man to death? Man shouldn’t have had his neck in their arm in the first place. Here’s Lynch’s take on the rare instance that police have done something nice:

“If the NYPD is now in the car repair business, then they need to let the general public know that if they get a ticket, don’t pay it, just call an NYPD boss and they’ll fix it.”

Sources tell the Daily News that a community leader contacted a police captain in Staten Island after Carr received a ticket for her burnt-out headlight. The leader wanted to be sure Carr wasn’t being targeted because of her huge lawsuit against the NYPD. According to the source, the Captain sent an officer to Carr’s house to give her a form that would void the summons once the light was fixed, and the officer went the extra mile by picking up the headlight and installing it himself.

Lou Turco, head of the Lieutenant’s Benevolent Association, contradicts that story and says the officer was ordered to perform the repair.

For her part, Carr doesn’t give a fuck and bluntly said she never asked for anyone’s help:

“The only thing I have ever requested of the NYPD was what any mother would ask, which is the arrest for the killing of my son.”