Vice Continues Ruination Of Williamsburg, Pushing Out Collective of Performers

October 31, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Is Vice Media the worst thing to ever happen to Williamsburg, Brooklyn? After spearheading and popularizing the aesthetic commonly known as “hipster,” Vice moved in to Williamsburg more than a decade ago and rent increases followed with the influx of youth and disposable income. The area was on the rise already with members of the community renovating unused space for artistic purposes like galleries, venues, and studios. Many of those spaces and ventures have closed as costs in the neighborhood have become untenable.

While these spaces became the heart and soul of Williamsburg, Vice moved in to peddle bullshit ironic glamor and has now reportedly purchased a warehouse space that has pushed out several community staples, including music venues Glasslands and Death by Audio. The Bushwick Daily reports that another business, circus school The Muse, is being forced out as well. The Muse released the following statement:

“A few months ago Angela [Buccini] was notified that The Muse’s lease would not be renewed and soon found out that Vice Magazine would be taking over the entire building – also displacing other tenants such as beloved venue Glasslands. Rather than permanently close, The Muse will relocate and rebuild.”

Buccini moved into Williamsburg four years ago and “with the help of many eager volunteers, transformed it into the home of a vibrant and welcoming community,” but now she will have to rebuild that community in Bushwick, where she has found a 7,000 square feet space off the L Train’s Wilson stop.

Buccini hopes to finance the forced move with the public’s support. The Muse has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $60,000. Donating won’t help you stick it to Vice, but it will help out a small business owner who fell into Vice’s war path.

(Photo: Google Maps)