NJ Cop Dresses As Donald Duck, Terrifies Motorists

November 10, 2014 | Amy K. Nelson

In the realm of shady, asshole moves by police to fill quotas, this one ranks fairly high: According to WABC, a Fort Lee police officer dressed up as Donald Duck on Halloween — the children’s holiday! — and issued tickets to motorists.

The reason for the scheme? To ticket motorists who failed to yield to pedestrians. I get the intent, but seriously, mascots are terrifying enough as it is, and now cops have to get in on the action?

I’m with my girl, Karen Haigh — who was slapped with a $230 ticket for not stopping for a fucking adult-sized duck. When she spoke of the confusion, fear, and terror the duck elicited:

They told me that I was getting a ticket for not stopping for a duck,” she told WABC-TV. “But it scared me. I’m a woman. This huge duck scared me.

(Image: Tony Takitani)