MTA Bus Driver Assaults Teen Boy Who Skipped Out On Fare

November 12, 2014 | Prachi Gupta

Another video has surfaced of people getting into a fight while riding New York’s public transit system– that’s the second this week, and it’s only Wednesday, folks. Just after a group of people were arrested for clawing at each other on the F train, a new video has surfaced of a bus driver roughing up a teenage boy who refused to pay the bus fare.

The New York Daily News shared the shocking footage, posted by a female passenger aboard the Q112 bus. In it, the bus driver yells at 16-year-old Queens resident Kobe Vaughan for not paying the fare. “I’m going to kick your ass,” the MTA employee threatens the teen, who refuses to get off the bus. “You’re not riding on this bus!”

Rather requesting the police’s involvement, the verbal disagreement quickly escalates into a physical confrontation. “I feel tough every fucking day,” said the driver, before he shoved Vaughan and then throttled him. That’s where the disturbing video ends.

After the altercation, police caught Vaughan, who reportedly threw a trash can at the bus and damaged the front door. He was charged with misdemeanor criminal mischief.

The driver, unidentified, is under investigation but has not been charged. “Bus operators are instructed to avoid any type of altercation in cases involving fare evasion,” said MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz to the Daily News, adding, “The incident is under investigation.”