Reflect On How Much You Love Your Grandmother With This Rap From New York Strangers

November 13, 2014 | Prachi Gupta

New York-based rapper F. Virtue and Juan Deuce have teamed up to create New York Strangers, an album five years in the making that collaborates with ANIMAL beat master Falside, J57, and Dick Van Dick, among others.

The album ponders everything from partying and rap, to love and relationships, to grandparents. It’s the latter track, “Grams,” that caught ANIMAL’s attention, where Deuce and Virtue rap about their respective relationships with their grannies. The duo, who recently also released a song celebrating love among people of all sexual orientations, keeps an eye towards socially conscious themes. F. Virtue told ANIMAL:

I think it comes down to us both being raised on a healthy dose of OG / lyric based hip hop, so we like to write. And sometimes those ideas are positive, because of our personal experiences. Sometimes they’re not, for the same reason! But I am glad you dig, I really think it’s important to spread thoughts and love, and to let everybody know they can (and should) do their thing, without fear.

You can download the album here.