Here Are The Artists To Check Out At The New Museum’s Triennial

November 14, 2014 | Rhett Jones

The lineup for the New Museum’s Triennial survey of early-career artists was announced on Friday. Curated by Lauren Cornell and Ryan Trecartin, this iteration is titled “Surround Audience.” The selection isn’t too surprising for anyone familiar with the two curators’ previous work, but the number of great artists is impressive. As a multi-disciplinarian artist, Trecartin has obviously picked people who have their hands in a lot of cookie jars. Likewise, Cornell is known for a love of new media, and almost everyone in the exhibition is using digital culture in some way. Here are our picks for the artists to look out for when “Surround Audience” opens on February 25th:


DIS continues taking over the world. The extremely influential magazine has collaborated with curator Trecartin, so its inclusion seems inevitable. DIS Magazine has featured a ton of the artists who’ve been selected for the exhibit, and it continues to push the boundaries of creative publishing, fashion, and curating.


Ed Atkins

Atkins works with gritty 3D renderings involving sex, death and addiction.


Aleksandra Domanović

Domanović first came to prominence through VVORK, a collective of online curators that was a precursor to DIS and Contemporary Art Daily. Though she’s still young, she’s been a player longer than most featured in the show. These days, she works in progressive sculptures like the one pictured in this post — a stack of printer paper with images of depicting a revolution printed on the spines.



K-HOLE is another collective. It mostly works in free PDFs filled with dystopian imagery, and text that’s modeled after a marketing trend report. Although the text is often absurd, K-HOLE uses the form so well that the trend of Normcore — which it predicted with tongues-in-cheek — actually became a thing. Fittingly, K-HOLE will be handling the marketing for “Surround Audience.”

Josh Kline

Kline is using pop-imagery and sculpture in a way that reminds me of Rob Pruitt, but he’s definitely putting his own aesthetic spin on it.


Oliver Laric

Like Domanović, Laric is a veteran of VVORK. Since that site stopped updating, his work has ranged from essays to video to sound collage while carrying forward VVORK’s curatorial and collecting spirit.

RachelLord_InlineRachel Lord

Lord’s first show at Dem Passwords was a nicely arranged presentation of 4 paintings she made for a Ryan Trecartin film. Now he’s bringing his girl into the big leagues. Working with acrylic, she makes her work in photoshop first and then renders it on canvas, layer by layer.


Ashland Mines

Founding member of the music label Fade To Mind, Mines is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. As a curator and producer, it would seem he’s in the show as a social-practice artist, but maybe he has something entirely different planned.


Martine Syms

Syms is probably the most academic of all the artists on the list. She often focuses on issues of race in her videos, essays, and lectures; most pointedly in her archive, Reading Trayvon Martin.


Basim Magdy

Working in video and graphic imagery on paper, Magdy is less conceptual than many of his fellow Triennial-ites. His works on paper have a nice feathered touch that is reminiscent of the ’70s animated film Fantastic Planet.

(Photos: Promo Images From Respective Artists Websites)