Pigeons Were The Original Drones

November 14, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Drones and pigeons are a constant source of fascination here at ANIMAL, so it’s pretty incredible to find out that pigeons were the old school drone way back in World War I. A new drone-centric exhibit called “A screaming comes across the sky” has opened in Spain and one of the participants, Alicia Framis, presents a taxidermied pigeon with a camera attached to remind us how they were once used as surveillance drones. The caption puts it succinctly:

Besides actually being used in military contexts as a means of surveillance and collecting intelligence, they were indeed unmanned aerial instruments, which might have had a different historical importance if it wasn’t for the quick and strong progress in the field of aviation. In this new work, Framis creates a light-hearted reminder of the evolution of aerial espionage.

The unwitting birds were the kind of drone that pacifists could support; the birds were just taking photos and not bombing anyone. Pretty Coooo.

“A screaming comes across the sky. Drones, mass surveillance and invisible wars,” group exhibit, Oct 10Apr 12, LABoral, Los Prados, Spain

(Photo: Vintage Everyday, Wikipedia)