More Than A Quarter Of Pedicab Drivers Have Quit Since New Regulations Implemented

November 20, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Since the city has tightened regulations and cracked down on pedicab drivers, the number of pedaling transit providers has taken a steep dive.  Only 903 drivers decided to renew their license this year. That’s down from 1217 at the beginning of 2014.

After an incident in which some tourists were charged $500 for a short pedicab ride, there has been increased scrutiny on the service: Regulations were put in place requiring drivers to charge by the minute, post visible prices, and use timers approved by the city.

Though the New York Post is using this opportunity to continue its anti-bike crusade and announce this as a sign of pedicab’s demise, it really might just be a case of getting the bad apples out of the game. One driver told the Post, “It’s good, because most scumbags are gone.”

(Photo: InSapphoWeTrust)