Unconscious Woman In Ferguson Carried To Police Line, Police Line Responds By Firing Tear Gas

November 25, 2014 | Bucky Turco

In one of the more harrowing videos to emerge out of the discord in Ferguson last night, is this footage by livestream champ Tim Pool. It shows a group of good samaritans flanked by others with cameras, carrying an unconscious woman to the police line, frantically yelling, “She’s having a heart attack, she’s having a heart attack.” Another voice can be heard saying, “help her.” The cops, clad in riot gear, respond by telling the group to “back up, we will get her,” and then fire a volley of tear gas. At least one officer can be seen discharging his shotgun right above their heads. One woman tells them, “That’s my momma, that’s my momma.” Tear gas then envelops the area and the crowd flees.