Weekend Link-Up: Saturday

November 29, 2014 | Bucky Turco

Seven demonstrators were arrested in NYC for trying to disrupt Black Friday shopping at Macy’s as protests in honor of Mike Brown continue. There were actions nationwide.

Busta Rhymes bopped his head so hard that he fell of the stage at Webster Hall during a concert, giving himself a nasty gash. Watch the video, over and over.

The New York Times asks: What Should the Pope Do in New York City?

This yellow cab won’t be taking anyone to Brooklyn, ever.

The gangsta cats of Baltimore.

There’s a reason why the New York Post is the city’s worst tabloid: its owner is the world’s worst historian. Also an asshole.

Home Alone 2 has lots of geographic inaccuracies about NYC.

Thanksgiving was more Halloween-like back in the day.

Hooters has opened a location in Times Square where the once raunchy Peep World was.

(Photo: Aymann Ismail/ANIMALNewYork)