This Car Thief Makes His Getaway On A Skateboard

December 4, 2014 | Rhett Jones

This car thief in the Van Nuys region of Los Angeles just wouldn’t give up. After a high-speed chase, that at one point included the thief doing 90 mph in the wrong lane, he grabbed his long board and shredded out of there.

This is Los Angeles, though, and not only do they take their high-speed chases very seriously, but things are just bound to get weird. As the suspect was booking it on his board, perhaps contemplating a grind, his path was interrupted by a red pickup truck delivering vigilante justice. The driver of the truck was repo man and reality TV star Luis “Lou” Pizarro who told reporters, “It’s just instinct, just to block the guy off.”

Alright L.A. Stop being so predictable.

Watch all the whole thing embedded above.

(Photo: CNN)