Watch 50 Net Artists Get All Datamosh-ed Up In Epic Video

December 4, 2014 | Rhett Jones

YouTube user He Dawn has pulled together 50 artists from the Tumblr-set and datamosh-ed their work into one trippy gelatinous digital goo for your viewing pleasure. Datamoshing is a form of glitch art that’s all about removing a video player’s ability to differentiate between frames, creating a random melding of images.

It’s all pretty cliche these days; Kanye did it and Young Jake kind of had the last word on it with his parody song and website. But it’s still cool to look at, and in this case, it’s well done, highlighting the free-for-all nature of the often pseudonymous artists collected together while syncing up to the music nicely. Go ahead: get a tour of the Tumblr art world by clicking the embed above. The full list of artists is available in the YouTube description.

(Photo: He Dawn)