Dress Your Dog Or Child Up In Leaked NSA Documents

December 8, 2014 | Rhett Jones

Nothing says outrage at the creeping surveillance state like an adorable terrier wearing human clothes with leaked NSA documents printed on them. Big Data Pawn Shop, an art project/clothing label wants you to be able to make a fashion STATEMENT with the documents that Edward Snowden risked his life to smuggle out of NSA headquarters.

If you don’t have a clueless dog or small child to wrap in terrifying evidence of the big brother apparatus that is permeating our globally connected world, then you can buy a totebag or a trucker hat containing the powerpoint details of clandestine programs with names like CYCLONE-HX9 and CROSSBEAM. Nothing says “I’m comfortable with my loss of privacy” like a warm over-sized hoodie.

If the knowledge that all of your conversations and emails are being archived becomes too much to take, you can drown your sorrows in booze straight from a flask that never lets you forget your cultural anxiety. Bottoms up people, here’s to the future.

(Photo: Big Data Pawn Shop)