The Worst Reactions By Politicians And Pundits Over CIA Torture Report

December 9, 2014 | Prachi Gupta

On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee released its nearly 600-page summary [PDF] of the staggering, 6,700-page report on the “enhanced interrogations techniques” used by the CIA post-9/11. The report, which studied 6 million internal documents, shows that the agency’s techniques were ineffective in yielding intel, and that the agency repeatedly misled the public, Congress, and the White House about the extent of its torture program. The tactics that the CIA employed include “”rectal rehydration,” near drowning, waterboarding, and standing on broken legs.

The shocking and troubling report didn’t disturb everyone, however. There were some conservative politicians and pundits who justified the CIA’s measures:

The CIA, too, has launched a website to defend itself in response to the backlash.

(Image: Senate Intelligence Committee)