Listen To Nintendo Themes Arranged By Pianist Genius Who’s Only Heard Them Once

December 15, 2014 | Rhett Jones

While many classic Nintendo songs will be instantly recognizable to Americans of a certain age, they weren’t quite the living room staple for those growing up in Soviet Russia. As part of an Indiegogo campaign, Russian-born Sonya Belousova has put together a video where she listens to classic 8-bit themes for the first time and spins around to play complex arrangements of the tunes right there on the spot.

The only song she had heard previously was the Super Mario theme. Everyone knows the Super Mario theme. Skip ahead in the video above to four minutes in, when it starts to really get good. If you want to help Belousova make even more arrangements of your favorite songs, the crowd-funding page can be found here.

(Photo: Staztic)