Survey: Teens Using Weed Less Despite All the Great Weed

December 16, 2014 | Bucky Turco

According to a new survey (PDF doc) sponsored by the nation’s leading curmudgeons, young people smoked weed less between 2013 and 2014 regardless of its raging popularity — or as the folks at the Marijuana Policy Project put it, “a period marked by heightened national debate regarding marijuana policy and implementation of the nation’s first marijuana legalization laws.” It’s also at a period when states like Colorado, California, and Washington are growing some of the best strains in the world. I’m talking top shelf here. And it’s abundant. And cheap!

Opponents of sensible pot policies have long argued that the mere act of discussing legal herb will entice the youngins to do bong hits at an earlier age. This latest research refutes those claims and others.

The statistical data also shows that teens know the government and TV pundits are full of shit when it comes to the alleged dangers of weed smoking. To them, it’s relatively harmless, and yet they’re still using it less, establishing yet another victory for chronic.

Considering how great the past 11 and half months have been, how did cannabis not edge out Ebola out for person of the year? (Photo: Prensa 420)