City Council Bans Sale Of Pet Bunny Rabbits

December 18, 2014 | Rhett Jones

The New York City Council passed a bill on Wednesday banning the sale of bunny rabbits. Pet rabbits have become an issue at city shelters, where owners bring them after experiencing buyer’s remorse.

According to Reuters:

Animal Care & Control of NYC, a shelter contracted by the city, said it took in 376 rabbits between January and October. That compares with 283 rabbits in 2011 and 382 in 2013.

Margo DeMello, president of the House Rabbit Society says:

Rabbits are sometimes disappointing especially when you buy them for your child. They’re ground-dwelling and they do not want to be held and carried around by a kid.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to sign the legislation due to its strong support on the council, as well as his known support for animal rights. Unlike the ongoing debate over a ban of carriage horses, there does not seem to be a large lobbying force for pet bunny sales in the city.

The bunny bill comes as part of a legislative package that also regulates aspects of the sale of dogs and cats. According to The Epoch Times it …

would require all cats and dogs sold in pet shops to be sterilized by a licensed veterinarian. It would also require people who want to buy dogs to first complete an application and pay a fee. Pet shops would be held accountable with a monthly report to the health department. A $500 fine would apply to those who violate this legislation.

With the state ban on tattooing and piercing animals becoming a law this past Monday, it’s been a good week for our fine, furry friends.

(Photo: Dean Wissing)