Sony Toughens Up, Says It Might Release The Interview On YouTube

December 22, 2014 | Prachi Gupta

After pretty much everyone mocked them, the president scolded them, and some even offered to screen the movie for them, it seems that Sony executives have backtracked from their original stance of having “no plans” to release The Interview. Speaking to CNN on Sunday, Sony CEO Michael Lynton said, “We would still like the public to see this movie, absolutely.”

The comedy — which has become the perfect movie thanks to all this hubbub — stars James Franco and Seth Rogen as journalists who attempt to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong-UN. Sony pulled the movie’s December 25 release date after North Korean hackers threatened to wreak havoc at theaters across the nation. “At that point in time we had no alternative but to not proceed with the theatrical release,” said Lynton. “And that’s all we did. We did not cave, we have not given in, and we have not backed down.”

Lynton promised that Sony is considering “a number of options open to us,” including YouTube, video-on-demand and digital streaming sites. However, the head of the behemoth studio then blamed distributors for not stepping up to the plate:

“There has not been one major video on-demand distributor, one major e-commerce site that has stepped forward and said it is willing to distribute this movie for us. We don’t have that direct interface with the American public and need an intermediary to do to that.”

It’s only a matter of time before someone leaks it, so Sony better act fast. In the meantime, if you have any ideas on how to counter-hack Kim Jong-Un, ANIMAL is all ears.

(Photo: Sony)