The International Space Station Is Riding “The Terminator” For New Years

December 31, 2014 | Rhett Jones

The crew currently aboard the International Space Station will probably be having a weirder New Year’s Eve than you, even if you decide to take that experimental chemical recommended by the Backdoor Pharmacist that you just haven’t had the balls to try for months. That’s because this year the astronauts will be navigating what they call “The Terminator” for several days — the special sweet spot between day and night, a perpetual twilight.

In past years, the crew has seen up to a dozen sunsets in one day to celebrate the new year. It would be a real treat for anyone who doesn’t want to let go of 2014. This year, though, they seem perfectly content to live in a “permanent twilight condition” that reportedly offers beautiful views out the window at all times.

The crew members claim they’ll celebrate midnight with “grapefruit juice or tropical punch, whatever we have on board.” Presumably the job is too demanding to keep alcohol around, so if you want to have one in their honor tonight, then just track their position right here.

(Photo: Wikipedia)