DJ QBert’s New Record Lets You Mix Right On The Packaging

January 2, 2015 | Rhett Jones

DJ QBert just released a double-LP called Extraterrestria and Galaxxxian that allows fans to mix records via a Bluetooth mixer built right into the vinyl packaging. Lucky owners of the limited-edition release can use a “PrintedMIDI” insert that allows users to call a variety of samples, scratch two virtual decks, and has a fader to mix songs loaded into the “Algoriddim DJAY” smartphone app.

QBert worked with tech company Novalia to create the bluetooth-enabled, DIY-DJ package. The company states its mission in the YouTube description: “We believe the future will look more like the past than the present, where beautiful old school things we love and are nostalgic about will not die as many have said. We hope to breathe life into things like books and album covers, keeping the creativity in physical products alive.”

Unfortunately, it seems that this special edition is only available for fans who backed DJ QBert’s Kickstarter campaign. However, since the reward has shipped, some are bound to turn up on Ebay.

(Image: Novalia)