City Settles Harassment Suit Brought By NYPD Officer For $100,000

January 5, 2015 | Rhett Jones

An NYPD officer has decided to settle her harassment lawsuit against the city for $100,000.  The cop alleged that her commanding officer wrote lewd comments in her memo book and sent threatening text messages to her cell phone.

According to the New York Daily News:

Police Officer Anais Perez-Villegas of the 75th Precinct alleged that Sgt. Nathan Mole defaced her memo book by writing “‘F— you,’” with the letter “k” shaped like a penis, along with other crude comments and references to male genitals, according to her suit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The sergeant allegedly called her a “loser” in a text message and also texted her a picture of two lesbians with the comment: “I am so glad they passed this bill so now I can get married in peace,” the suit claimed.

There was also a text message that contained a photo of a battered-looking, unidentified man with the comment, “This is what happens when you f— with Sgt. Mole.”

Perez-Villegas’s lawyer said that Sgt. Mole claimed someone had stolen his phone and sent the texts, Mole did not respond to a request for comment.

The six-figure settlement adds just one more expensive bill to the city’s ongoing flood of payouts due to misconduct by the NYPD. According to documents obtained by MuckRock, “The NYPD paid over $428 million in settlements over the last five years.”

(Photo: Wikipedia)