Robberies Are Up In Williamsburg Because People Are Idiots

January 8, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

While the rest of the city is celebrating that the NYPD slowdown hasn’t given way to a spike in serious crime, robberies are up in one Brooklyn neighborhood. DNAinfo reports that residents of North Williamsburg and Greenpoint have seen a nearly 24% rise in burglaries — the neighborhood’s biggest criminal issue — in the past year.

Why is this happening? According to the Captain James Ryan, who presides over the 94th Precinct, it’s because people leave their doors and windows unlocked. “This is generally a safe neighborhood, and people feel safe. They forget that crime happens everywhere,” he said.

This sort of crime isn’t going to stop until people stop being idiots. Or, in his words: “It will always be a problem until every building locks all their doors and closes all their windows.”

(Photo: Adam Lerner)