“Made In Brooklyn”-Brand Clothing Is Made In China, Among Other Places

January 12, 2015 | Rhett Jones

As cities around the world compete to be the next Brooklyn, at least one retailer is pushing the cool branding of the borough further. The Dumbo-founded home furnishing store West Elm is offering a line of products that include hats, growlers, and T-shirts bearing the phrase “Made in Brooklyn,” none of which are actually made in Brooklyn.

The beanie, for instance, is made in China, shocking absolutely no one. The growler and shirt, meanwhile, are made “elsewhere in the United States.” So how does the retailer sell this stuff with a straight face? According to a spokeswoman speaking with The Brooklyn Paper:

The messaging on these specific pieces was designed to be a fun nod to the potential contents,” said Abigail Jacobs, a vice president for brand marketing with the company. “You can fill the growler with lager from Brooklyn Brewery, and the shirt and hat refer to the person wearing them.

See, it’s all about the authenticity you bring to the brand.

(Photo: West Elm)