Watch A Clockwork Orange’s Most Iconic Scenes In Grand Theft Auto

January 13, 2015 | Rhett Jones

Well, this is a mash-up that was just waiting to happen: The folks at GTA Series Videos have brought together one of the most unhinged and violent movies with one of the most unhinged and violent video games, and the two are a perfect fit. Using the original audio from a Clockwork Orange, these mash-up-meisters recreate some of the best scenes from Kubrick’s classic using the under-the-hood moviemaking tools of Grand Theft Auto.

The results? Pretty good, pretty good. Fucking with a masterpiece like A Clockwork Orange would normally be a big mistake, but these guys come away with their dignity.

As games like GTA and Minecraft offer more and more creative tools, you can expect someone to pound out a true standalone original masterpiece in this medium very soon; it’s only inevitable. For now, as long as we’re doing remakes, let’s get something more obscure out there. City of Lost Children inside BioShock, maybe?

(Photo: GTA Series Videos)