Schumer Coming For The Drones, Says Recent Near-Misses At Westchester Airport

January 16, 2015 | Rhett Jones

Senator Chuck Schumer is terrified of drones. After two recent instances of drones in the airspace at Westchester airport, on Friday he held a press conference to call for pressure to be put on the FAA to hurry up and finish its new guidelines for legal drone usage.

A ruling by the National Transportation Safety Board essentially made all civilian drone use illegal back in November, but with no clear guidelines drone enthusiasts are in limbo and simply carrying on with their hobby. According to ABC News, the Senator had this to say:

“The lack of clear rules about small drones, what is a commercial versus a hobby drone, and how and where they can be used, is creating a serious threat to New Yorkers’ safety,” Schumer said. “We cannot wait for a fatal crash or incident to get this done…In many ways, New York airspace has become the Wild West of drones. It must stop.”

If that sounds familiar it might be because he recycled the Wild West line from a speech he gave back in August. He was basically saying the same old stuff back then. Between this, his push for tougher penalties on urban explorers and his flip-flopping torture support, the esteemed Senator is quickly getting on every one of our bad sides.

(Photo: Marla Diamond)