Listen To Meta-Hip Hop, Almost A Hundred Samples Rhyming And Flowing

January 20, 2015 | Rhett Jones

Girl Talk is getting some competition from the movie-mashup-maestros at Eclectic Method. The group’s latest piece gets out of the movie remix world, sticking with a straight cuisinart blend of nearly a hundred hip hop tracks into one seamless whole. If you’re thinking that’s nothing new, or in the words of Clipse, “Ok, everybody meet Mr. Me Too,” let the men from the Method explain it to you:

Meta Hip Hop is a rap tune made out of other rap tunes. Yeah I know, all hip hop is made out of other tunes but this is made out of vocal samples. Yeah I know, all music is samples nowadays but in this tune, all the samples rhyme together. Many layers of lyrics from nearly a hundred of hip hop’s greatest are linked together and made to work as a cohesive if sometimes silly tune. Rappers so old you’d have to dig them up to collaborate and rappers so fresh they can’t taste where it came from.

So there ya have it, other mashup artists draw connections between songs all the time, but few go the extra mile to make all the lyrics rhyme. Click that big play button up top and hear for yourself.

(Photo: Eclectic Method)