Invader’s “Hong Kong Phooey” Sells for Big Bucks

January 21, 2015 | Bucky Turco

When Invader was in Hong Kong last year, the French street artist peppered that city’s public spaces with his signature 8-bit style mosaics, including renditions of Hanna-Barbera cartoon great Penrod “Penry” Pooch (or as he’s better known to the world, Hong Kong Phooey). The illegally-installed work was eventually taken down by the Highways Department and presumably destroyed in that process. Undoubtedly, the artist would likely prefer that over it being chiseled out of the wall, as is typically done with unsanctioned work created by his colleague Banksy.

However, the Invader did make a lawful version of the canine-like character for a local collector made of “ceramic tiles on glass,” reports the South China Morning Post. On Tuesday night, it sold at auction for over a quarter of a million dollars (1,960,000 HKD).

It’s not the only artwork of Invader’s that sold at Sotheby’s Hong Kong contemporary art offering. Another piece that he recreated, — the Apple Computer throwback that first made its debut on the streets of NYC during his 2014 art spree — fetched over $70,000. Even though he doesn’t see any of those proceeds, it does set a nice market for his work. So, Bon travail Invader. You’ve made it.