Bootleg Vendor In Russia Reportedly Sells Leaked Docs In Train Station For Dirt Cheap

January 22, 2015 | Peter Yeh

Novaya Gazeta is reporting the Federal Drug Control Service of Russia’s (FSKN) secret database was leaked, revealing names and photos of “anonymous” informants. Most egregiously, it was bought by a reporter for around $50, from a bootleg DVD salesman in a Moscow train station.

The collection, available on 5 CDs, not only contains photographs and personal information of informants and ordinary citizens, but details of drug houses, families, and photos of addicts as well. The data dump also contained depressing statistics on the number of overdoses, addicts, and crackhouses in 27 different regions of the Russian Federation.

This stunning breach appears to be the latest in poor security in Russian law enforcement. Novaya Gazeta reports that in 2005, Moscow rape victims were blackmailed after thieves got their hands on a file cabinet. Then in 2007, the Moscow Police’s database of brothels and their clientele lead to several wealthy patrons also being blackmailed. In 2014, in another railway station, a list of home addresses and phone numbers of prominent people in the Russian government who were in severe debt was leaked.

The FSKN has yet to respond to requests for inquiry and it’s unknown whether any of the DVDs the guy had were decent rips.

(Photo: Makeshift)