Fare Hike Is Coming, MTA To Vote On Specific Amount Today

January 22, 2015 | Rhett Jones

The MTA is scheduled to vote on two separate pricing plans for Metrocards on Thursday — though structurally different, both plans would result in the same increase for monthly cards. Board members will vote after hearing from the public at the meeting that will begin at 10 AM.

The difference between the two plans will only affect riders who purchase a card for an exact amount rather than for a period of time. Under the first plan, a single ride would increase by 25 cents to $2.75 but multiple ride bonuses would increase by 11%.

Under the second plan, a single ride would continue to be $2.50 but bonuses would be completely eliminated. Both plans will increase a weekly card’s cost by one dollar and a monthly card would increase by $4.50.

According to ABC News, board members are expected to vote for the first plan and keep the multi-ride bonuses that are popular with riders. But there is still a possibility that the two plans could be combined in some way.

On Tuesday, the MTA also announced its plans to eliminate the iconic yellow card altogether by 2022. Bidding from contractors for that $450 million effort won’t begin until 2016, but some sort of contactless payment is expected. According to Business Insider, whatever the new system involves, a mobile component with a dedicated app will almost certainly be included.

UPDATE: The MTA has voted to increase single rides to $2.75 and increase multi-rides bonuses to 11% from 5%.

(Photo: Wikipedia)