Painting With Cocaine: Artist Uses Blow To Render Switzerland’s Largest City

January 26, 2015 | Rhett Jones

Who knows why artists in Switzerland keep including drugs in their gallery shows, but hot on the heels of the ecstasy ordering robot, a new exhibition features the city of Zurich painted using a cocaine mixture.

What better way to render the snowy likeness of the city than to use a little snow white? The artist, Onur Dinc, mixed real cocaine in with his paint and sees the work as a way of commenting on the decadence that lies under the surface Zurich, a city which is one of the world’s largest consumers of cocaine. The artist tells Urban Shit:

“I wanted to paint a very prude artwork which looks like a master piece which you could find at your grandmother’s living room. The work gets its message only if you know what I mixed into the color”. And Onur adds: “This is how it is in real life. At the first glance Zurich looks very lovely and almost perfect. But at second one you will find out that not all is gold that glitters”

If this turns out like the drug bot incident, expect Swiss authorities to confiscate the work right around the 14th of February. That’s when the show’s run at Soon Gallery is scheduled to close.


(Photos: Onur Dinc)