Fly Through A Tagged Up Scottish Seminary With This Drone Video

January 27, 2015 | Rhett Jones

Somewhere in Cardross, Scotland there’s an abandoned seminary that rivals 5 Pointz as a dream location for graffiti writers. St. Peter’s Seminary, a beautiful brutalist building, has been left to rot in the Scottish countryside for decades. In 2014, the necessary grant money to restore the building was awarded and soon it will undergo renovations. So, the video from a drone fly-through that’s embedded above may be your last chance to see it in all its dilapidated and tagged up glory.

While the seminary isn’t nearly as covered in graffiti as a place like 5 Pointz, there’s still quite a bit of work in here. If you’re a writer in Scotland looking to hit a unique spot, there’s not much time left before renovations will begin. The building is still slated to be used as an arts venue after architects finish fixing it up and you can see some more great photos of the ruin porn here.

(Image: scottishmotorman)