Invader Brings His Tile-Work To Tanzania

January 27, 2015 | Rhett Jones

Invader is on a winning streak. Just last week his Hong Kong Phooey piece fetched top dollar at auction and this week his international travels have taken him to a place without streets in order to practice his tile-based street art.

On Sunday, Invader updated his Instagram with photos from Tanzania, where he was installing multiple wildlife and African-themed pieces out in the middle of nowhere. The safari landscape doesn’t really provide the standard buildings or walls the artist normally installs his work on, so he got creative with boulders and concrete pylons.

As always, Invader uploaded images to his website and gave himself a point score in his “World Invasion” game. Each piece is worth somewhere between 10 and 100 points in his self imposed scoring system and this outing earned 250 points with seven posted Invaders.

You can see Invader’s solo pieces in the gallery above as well as a collaboration with Vhils below.


(Photos: Invader)