NYC Deliverymen Were The Real Heroes During The Snow

January 28, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

While CNN’s Don Lemon was cruising around town in his Blizzardmobile, New York Times reporter Alan Feuer was tagging along with the real heroes on Monday night: the deliverymen who braved icy roads and frigid temperatures so that other New Yorkers wouldn’t have to.

Though a travel ban went into effect at 11 PM, there was still plenty of time for New Yorkers to place their takeout orders beforehand (and, according to the Times a few managed to sneak in orders after, too). The Times profiled a few of the deliverymen, but focused on
37-year-old Mohamed Hosen, an immigrant from Bangladesh. I mean, just read this description:

In his rubber boots, two hooded sweatshirts, waterproof pants and reflective yellow jacket, Mr. Hosen, a two-year veteran of the Taj Kebab King, spent his evening, herolike indeed, piloting his Arrow through deep icy ruts and treacherous winter drifts. In general, he arrived on time and with the food in his care still warm. And he always took a moment for basic customer service: Outside each apartment that he went to, he politely stamped his feet, clearing them of snow.

What a champ. And, like all heroes, he had to face at least one villain in the form of an unappreciative customer:

She was about to close the door when this reporter asked if she had any words of gratitude.
“Oh right, thanks,” she said. The verbal equivalent of her $4 tip.

But he was undeterred, carrying an inspirational attitude throughout the night:

“I am a fighter,” Mr. Hosen said, as he opened his employer’s door and stepped out, bundled in triple layers into the blowing, whitewashed world. “Yes, I can do this. Of course I can. It is only Mother Nature.”

(Photo: *Bitch Cakes*)