Which Countries Will Survive Climate Change? Feast Your Eyes On The Future

January 30, 2015 | Rhett Jones

Eco Experts wants you to go green, so the organization’s fine staff made an infographic to keep you informed about how likely you are to be destroyed by climate change. Using data from the Notre Dame Global Adaptation (ND-Gain) Index, this helpful map explains the likelihood of surviving climate change for every country in the world.

How does the ND-Gain determine this info? Allow its site to explain:

The Notre Dame Global Adaptation Index (ND-GAIN), housed in the Environmental Change Initiative at University of Notre Dame, follows a data-driven approach to show which countries are best prepared to deal with global changes brought about by overcrowding, resource-constraints and climate disruption. The Index aims to unlock global adaptation solutions in the corporate and development communities to save lives and improve livelihoods while strengthening market positions. It informs strategic and operational decisions using data since 1995, to create a rank of 177 countries.

There are quite a few surprises in there and quite a few things that we just always assumed: Rich countries will do better than poor ones, that’s obvious. But I still sort of expected Australia to get hit hard — what with its isolation and warm climate — nope, the land down under is ranked six for most likely to survive. The U.S. comes in at number eight on the countries that should be okay, with Norway topping that list. The country projected to be the most screwed is Chad. A lot of African countries are keeping Chad company on that list.

Let’s face it, though: it’s a globally connected world and we all depend on each other, so we’re probably all going to die. See the full graphic below.




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(Images: Eco Experts)