More Gowanus Bunnies Seized After Others Tested Positive For Syphilis, Ear Mites

January 30, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

The NYPD and animal welfare has seized 105 more bunnies from a Gowanus yard after discovering that other bunnies from the yard have STDs, ear mites, and wounds from fighting each other.

Around 20 officers raided Dorota Trec’s property on Monday after receiving numerous 911 complaints that the bunnies were outside ahead of the blizzard. They took the 74 rabbits that were left out in the cold, but after a vet’s examination found that the animals were sick — some with syphilis — police came back for the rest on Thursday.

Needless to say, the environment the furry animals lived in was not good. DNAinfo reports:

Investigators found dozens of rabbits in the basement of the apartment building that overlooks the yard, which a police source said stank of animal urine. Workers also dug through the snow and used flashlights to peek into burrows the rabbits had dug in the yard.

It took welfare workers and cops two hours to round up all the bunnies they could see, but they suspect that there are still more hiding underground.

According to law enforcement officials, Trec could face charges of animal neglect or cruelty. Meanwhile, the bunnies have found a new home with Animal Care & Control of New York City.

(Photo: Wade Simmons)