New York Nightmare: Passengers Stranded On 7 Train For Hours

February 2, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

Service on the entire 7 line has been suspended due to an icy rail, leaving some passengers stranded for hours. Around 9 AM, the MTA halted service between 42nd Street and Flushing-Main Street after a Manhattan-bound train stalled near Queensboro Plaza, losing power.

DNAinfo reports that “most trains that were out on the line have been brought back to stations so that riders could evacuate,” but four express trains are still stranded (the AP reports that five trains were behind it). Crews have been dispatched to those trains. Meanwhile, riders have taken to social media to report claustrophobic conditions and ask for help:

It will be a survival tale for the ages.

Update: NBC reports that the trains were sent back to Woodside station, where passengers were let off. The train that lost power was “towed by another train to Queensboro Plaza around 11:30 a.m.” The MTA has not said when service will resume.

(Photo: @christlu)