Bronx Cops Don’t Like Patrick Lynch

February 4, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

Sneering bobble head doll Patrick Lynch, also the city’s most villainous police union head, held the attention of a room full of Bronx cops for barely 10 minutes before two thirds of them “stormed out,” reports the New York Daily News. The essence of the moment was captured forever via a photo that showed an aloof, distracted Lynch on his phone beneath a poster calling for his ouster.

Officers from the 52nd Precinct are reportedly unhappy with Lynch because of his scarce presence in the borough; his inability to negotiate a contract with the city; and his lack of support during the recent ticket fixing scandal of a Bronx cop, which affected the reputations of “more than 500 officers” according to the Daily News.

Lynch, whose popularity has been suffering across the board, was welcomed to the meeting with posters that read, “Lynch must go June 2015.” According to one source at the rally, “There’s been no rally for these guys, no rallies for a contract, nobody’s seen him in the Bronx.”

(Photo: New York Daily News)