Subway Busker Risks Life, Jumps Across Tracks Just To Fetch $5

February 10, 2015 | Prachi Gupta

A subway busker who apparently values his life at less than $5 risked death to fetch a bill that landed on the subway tracks in Brooklyn. A video posted to Reddit shows a very terrible human being tossing a five-dollar bill that had no shot at landing across the platform. The busker, without hesitating, flings himself into the urban death trap. People watching with what I assume is part concern, part morbid fascination yell, “No!” and “Not worth it!” The aforementioned terrible man is heard saying, “I’ll give you $100, don’t even do that.”

The busker then crosses not just one, but two third rails, each of which surges with more than 600 volts of electricity. That’s more than enough to kill someone. After he makes it back unscathed and very much alive, the crowd cheers.