2,000 Bolivians Take To The Streets To Demand More Simpsons

February 11, 2015 | Monty McKeever

In a bizarre turn of events like something out of one of Homer’s Guatemalan insanity pepper hallucinations, nearly 2,000 Bolivian protesters took to the streets to protest changes to their local TV network’s broadcasting schedule of the Simpsons recently. And it worked.

When the Mr. Burns-like network announced cutbacks to the two-hour blocks of reruns people had grown accustomed to, it enraged a local populace that seemingly depends on the show’s pop culture and social commentary like an essential lifeblood. As the New York Post reported, the peoples’s voices were heard:

Unitel, the Bolivian network that airs the popular cartoon, eventually caved and announced they would bring back its original time slot, according to the Latin Times.

Nearly 2,000 Bolivians wielded signs and voiced their outrage with chants.

Some even donned costumes of Homer and the gang despite heavy rain, which didn’t hamper the protests.

Local media reported that the demonstration was the first time there had ever been a mass protest by viewers who opposed a change in television programming, Central European News reports.

It is currently unclear whether any Bolivian Tree Lizards attended the protest.

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